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Watch this video then scroll down for some thoughts.

As stated in the video, our brains don’t always build a complete model of what is around us and instead focuses on what it deems to be important at any given time. This can be used to help with social engineering. Much like one of the previous lessons, we use the small to hide the big (or vice versa). On the dissecting (or defensive) side of things, watch out for situations with lots of things going on, lots of distractions. It impairs your judgement as your brain attempts to filter out the noise and find what is important to focus on. When I was a cop, one of the first things you try to do is ‘freeze’ a situation; turn off loud music or noises, separate people, stop the violence.. just try to get things as calm as possible so you can properly evaluate a situation. If you are trying to engineer the truth, you may want to introduce some levels of distraction and chaos into a situation to limit the judgement of the person you are interacting with.

I’ve mentioned Jessica Clark before on this site. The first part of this next video shows Jessica doing her work. Jessica is an incredibly talented social engineer. Notice how she engineers the reality and the truth around her scenario to socially engineer the phone company. Take note that she is using distractions and urgency as highly impactful tools in her trade.

More next time.